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Welcome to Cedar Crest
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Welcome to Cedar Crest
Cedar Crest Town Home in Janesville, WI
Welcome to Cedar Crest
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Welcome to Cedar Crest
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Welcome to Cedar Crest
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Find out all you need to know about living the life you want.

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Floor Plans
Ask us about the availabilities in our Town Homes, Apartments, Memory Care, and Assisted Living communities.

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Meet Our Residents
Cedar Crest is much more than buildings and manicured lawns. From diverse backgrounds and an assortment of life paths, our residents are the essence of our community and give us an ever enriched identity. Click here to meet a few.
Calendar Of Events
Cedar Crest offers many interesting events and activities for residents and the public.

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Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers are an important part of the Cedar Crest team and provide residents with assistance that complements the outstanding care of our staff. Click here to find out more information on our program.
Social Life
Cedar Crest is an active community with a full agenda of events available to residents. While all activities are optional, residents can choose from a wide array of opportunities to learn new skills, enjoy old hobbies, or socialize with neighbors. Click here to see what's happening.

At Cedar Crest, Live The Life You Want is more than a slogan, it's our service philosophy.

Our residents tell us one of the best things about living here is there are so many choices:

• From selecting the living accommodations that most appropriately fit your needs,
• To participating in Cedar Crest’s numerous activities and events,
• To deciding whether to enjoy dinner in the dining room or prepare it for yourself,
• To choosing one of our service levels to meet your personal care needs.

The Cedar Crest lifestyle is all about customizing our community to meet an individual's plans, desires, and budget.